​Mobile App Operated Self Service Laundromat in Watsonville

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Laundry Day is a brand new self service laundry near Watsonville. 

Our self service laundromat is bright, fresh and clean as only a new public laundry can be.  Our self serve laundry uses a FREE laundromat app.  The laundry app is easy to use and it gives you bonuses for using it!

Our mobile app operated laundromat accepts cash, debit card or credit cards.  When you sign up, you immediately get a $10 signing bonus that can be used with any washer or dryer.  Each dollar that you spend with the app at Laundry Day gives you one point.  When you reach 50 points, you will be given a $5 bonus! 

Our self service laundromat in Watsonville has 52 brand new Speed Queen washing machines.

Self-Service Laundry Pricing

  • Top Loaders (10 Total) $4.00
  • 20-lb Washers (10 Total) $4.25
  • 30-lb Washers (11 Total) $5.75
  • 40-lb Washers (12 Total) $7.25
  • 60-lb Washers (6 Total) $10.75
  • 80-lb Washers (4 Total) $13.75

More about self-service laundry:

  • All machines have the ability to add 4 more minutes of wash for an additional $.50. 

  • All machines have the ability to add 4 more minutes of wash and 4 more minutes of rinse for a small additional charge.

  • Dryers come in three sizes: 

    • 30-pound

    • 45-pound

    • 75-pound

Laundry Day has television for your entertainment and free wifi. We sell snacks, drinks and laundry supplies over the counter. Our bright and airy laundromat has many folding tables, lots of seating and a huge parking lot with plenty of parking.

We are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week, with our last wash at 9:30 p.m.  We are fully attended, so there is always someone here to help you or to answer questions.  

Laundry Day is not only the newest, but the very best laundromat that you can find in Watonsville!